If you’ve searched for Christmas decor on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen the funky style involving the non-traditional pineapple. Usually pineapples don’t find their place in otherwise winter decor, but tropical lovers don’t want to pack away their favorite style just because the weather’s turned cold. We’ve found some cute ways to have a pineapple Christmas this year, and we think you’ll love it!

pineapple Christmas

Source: CoastalLiving.com

1. Pineapple Christmas Trees

Tropical decor lovers don’t have to give up their undying love for salt and sea, just incorporate it into Christmas! These pineapple Christmas trees are super easy and a great space saver. Just hang tiny ornaments on the pineapple leaves and you’re done. This would be perfect for college kids, families who plan to travel and still want to decorate, but not have a huge free to die when they’re gone, and even for families with little ones who’d get into the tree. You can even add some lights!

Check outCoastalLiving.com for more fun ways to decorate your pineapple.

pineapple Christmas

Source: Brit.co

2. Pineapple Pinecone Ornaments

A perfect afternoon craft with the kids, these vibrant pinecone pineapples are the perfect way to bring the tropics to your tree this holiday. Paint pinecones bright yellow and then simply glue green leaves on with a glue gun. The only other thing you need is that pink Christmas tree because OMG.

See the whole tutorial on this simply craft at Brit.co.

pineapple Christmas

Source: MyPoppet.com.au

3. Pineapple Stocking

While definitely a craft for a more skilled seamstress, this pineapple stocking is the perfect way to embrace a pineapple Christmas. Tossing aside traditional colors in favor of a whimsical and totally creative look, this homemade stocking is definitely not one you can find in stores. We love the detail and think it’s a great way to add in that tropical vibe.

Get the pattern and sewing instructions from MyPoppet.com.au.

Source: RedefinedMom.com

4. Wine/Chocolate/Pineapple

If there are two things you can’t get enough of during the holidays it’s chocolate and alcohol, and that’s what makes this gift so perfect. Don’t just hand over either of these gift options to your hostess, combine them into this amazing pineapple and change gift giving forever.

Head over to RedefinedMom.com for all the details!

pineapple Christmas

Source: Etsy.com

5. Pineapple Wreath

There are tons of pineapple wreaths out there, but not many pineapple HOLIDAY wreaths! Instead of sticking to your usual garland and pinecones, why not toss a few pineapples in there too? You’ll be surprised how well this tropical fruit pairs with your winter decor!

pineapple Christmas

Source: ItsAlwaysAutumn.com

6. Give The Gift of Pineapples

Say Merry Christmas like the Hawaiians and give the gift of this delicious fruit. We found this adorable tag that pairs perfectly with some chunky gold ribbon and of course, a pineapple. Super simple, thoughtful and delicious!

Grab the free printable from ItsAlwaysAutumn.com!

pineapple Christmas

Source: MyNottingHill.blogspot.com

7. Pineapple Garland

This draping and elegant garland is only improved up with the addition of dreamy lime green ribbon, silver balls and of course, pineapple! I love how this decor is understated, with the pineapple only just drawing your attention and making your smile. This is the perfect way to incorporate tropical design, without going overboard.

Check out more amazing photos from this house tour at MyNottingHill.blogspot.com.

pineapple Christmas

Source: Etsy.com

8. Mele Kalikimaka Pineapple Printable

It couldn’t be easier to have a pineapple Christmas than to frame a simple printable like this adorable, gold Mele Kalikimaka print. Festive and tropical, this would be great framed and placed on a mantle, or part of another designed vignette.


pineapple Christmas


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