Picking a name for your baby is hard work. Not only are there so many great names to choose from, but it’s often a decision both you and your spouse must agree upon, and that in itself makes the task much more difficult. The name is one of the few things that stick with your child for life, so of course, you don’t want to mess this up! Whether you’re naming your child after a close relative or a symbolic and meaningful experience, you want a name that feels right and you won’t get tired of saying for years to come.

The popular name picks this year are full of older names that are now circling back around or names referring to nature. Considering the meaning behind the name has increased in popularity as well. Parents don’t just want a name, but they want a meaningful name they can relate to or that they hope reflects the personality of their child.

If you’re expecting a child this year, we want to help narrow down your baby name choices by providing you this list of the most popular baby names for 2017!

popular baby names

List of Popular Boy Names:

1. Dylan — “son of the sea”

2. Felix — “the lucky one”

3. Forrest — “of the woods”

4. Gus — “great”

5. Lark — “songbird”

6. Wilder — “wild animal”

7. Winston — “from wine’s town”

8. Arrow — “its aim is true”

9. Clark — “clerk”

10. Leo Β — “lion”

11. Frankie — “free or truthful”

12. Thor — “thunder”

13. Ezra — “helper”

14. Isaac — “he will laugh”

15. Oliver — “olive tree”

16. Jack — “God is gracious”


List of Popular Girl Names

1. Aviva — “innocent, renewal”

2. Bea, Beatrice, or Beatrix — “blessed”

3. Clara or Claire — “illustrious”

4. Echo — “reverberating sound”

5. Esme — “loved”

6. Sadie — “princess”

7. Vera — “faith”

8. Ember — “spark”

9. Snow — “frozen rain”

10. Winnie — “pure”

11. Calliope — “beautiful voice”

12. Briar — “small tree”

13. Hazel — “commander”

14. Charlotte or Charlie — “free”

15. Ella — “young girl”

Tell us in the comments, how do YOU choose a baby name?


Amanda Foust
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