Before you start pulling out those summer pieces or head to the mall for a summer clothing shopping spree, take inventory of what you have and make sure you’ve got the basics covered. You might have clothes that are trendy and hip, but do you own the summer must-haves that you’ll wear for most of the season? These are the 7 pieces that you can wear over and over again, mix and match, or combine with other summer clothing.

summer wardrobe

1. Casual Sundress

A sundress is any dress that is lightweight and suitable for sunny weather. Typically, a sundress has spaghetti straps and comes down to just above the knee. But find a style that works best for you!

Ways to wear it:

  • With flat sandals and a floppy hat
  • With a cropped cardigan and low heels
  • Over a basic white tee with canvas sneakers

2. Classic Bermuda Shorts

Unlike most shorts, Bermuda shorts come down to just above the knee and are generally more snug than shorter styles. I like Bermuda shorts because they are more appropriate for moms but they aren’t frumpy. You can find some really cute prints that give your look a youthful vibe.

Ways to wear them:

  • With a tank top or basic tee
  • With a sleeveless blouse and heels
  • Over a bodysuit

3. Cool Sunglasses

Protect your eyes and do it in style with a new pair of shades for summer. Don’t just pick any pair of sunnies. Choose a pair of sunglasses that work best with your face shape.

4. Stylish Swimsuit

You can’t go through summer without a swimsuit! Whether you’ve got plans to hit the beach or the pool, a swimsuit is a summer essential. Check out our post on cute swimsuits to find one that you love!

5. Comfortable Sandals

With all the activities and adventures that summer brings, comfortable shoes are a must. And sandals were made for summer, so a pair that you can wear on the go is your best bet.

Ways to wear them:

  • With a sundress
  • With jeans and a tank top
  • With Bermuda shorts and a casual tee
  • With a daytime skirt and top
  • With a swimsuit and wrap skirt

6. Everyday Tank Tops

I live in tank tops during the summer. They are comfortable and so easy to wear. I prefer one with thick straps, but stock up on ones in a style that you like.

Ways to wear them:

  • With jeans
  • With capri pants
  • With Bermuda shorts
  • With a maxi skirt
  • With a pencil skirt

7. Trendy Hat

Help combat the summer heat and damaging UV rays by rocking a hat. Floppy hat, fedora, baseball cap, it really doesn’t matter which type of hat you go with. But head over to The Style Spectrum to find which style looks best with your face shape.


summer wardrobe

Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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