It’s not everyday that we hear of babies being abandoned on the streets, especially with safe surrender laws in our country. But back in the 1980’s things were a little different. Janet Barnicoat has always known her story, that she was one of the lucky ones who was found and adopted by a loving family. While she loves her adoptive parents, she’s always wondered who else out there may be her biological family. Janet was beyond surprised last year when a supposed relative reached out via email. Over time, they both realized they have a lot more in common than they thought, namely that they were both left abandoned on the streets of Southern California in the 80’s. Watch this amazing story with a surprise twist you won’t see coming.

What an amazing twist of fate for these two! It’s so heartwarming to see two people who started out their lives with the worst of circumstances to find each other. We live in an amazing time where connecting to our loved ones is more possible than ever before!