10 Gifts Moms Really Want For Christmas

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With the holidays upon us, kids, husbands and boyfriends everywhere are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the moms in their lives. All of them will say the have a picky mother and locating just the right gift is difficult. But the truth is, moms just want a few simple things, and most of them don’t involve an expensively wrapped package:


1. Alone Time

Moms just want to.be.alone. Not all the time, but during the times it really counts: while going to the bathroom, showering or taking a bath, inspecting your face for wrinkles, blemishes and whiskers, and a host of other everyday situations which we never get to experience without a little mini-me underfoot. Oh, and we want to do it without screaming “JUST GIVE ME 5 MINUTES!” the whole time.


2. Drink Coffee While It’s Still Hot

Coffee fresh from the pot tastes the best, but moms never get to enjoy it. The second we dump in our creamer and sit down, someone is inevitably crying for help with something: help me with my shoes, I’m hungry, can you put on my favorite show! Most often, moms forget our coffee until lunch time, where we reheat it repeatedly in the microwave and then just give up until tomorrow.


3. The Ability To Stop Calling Every Meat Chicken, Just So The Kids Will Eat It

Come on kiddos, the charade gets a little old after a while. A little turkey or beef won’t kill you.

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