10 Gifts Moms Really Want For Christmas


4. Carry On A Conversation Without Interruption

It’s a rare occasion to be able to have a conversation without stopping every 10 seconds with a “yes I see you,” “wow, good job,” and “don’t touch that!” punctuating each topic. Some communication with another adult that doesn’t involve pit stops would be nice.


5. Wine.

It’s been a long day. Bring me a glass of wine, beer, whatever. I just want to relax. Take it to the next level and get a wine club membership!


6. Play What We Want On The Car Radio

Just once it’d be nice to listen to something adult in the car. Talk radio, our favorite CD, or just a radio show that doesn’t have teeny bopper hosts or Disney music. This can be cross-referenced with alone time, because unless we want to hear “mommy I don’t want to listen to this!” we will never fully enjoy said radio music.

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