8 Great Mommy & Son Date Ideas

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Taking children on dates is an incredibly important bonding opportunity for both you and your child. A lot of times we think of dads taking their daughters on dates, but us moms can take our sons on dates, too! In fact, little boys need special one-on-one time with their moms. There are so many fun things you can do with your son that will create lots of wonderful memories and amazing bonding opportunities for you two, as well. Make sure it’s something that your son would actually want to do to ensure he has the best time possible. Check out these 8 great mommy and son date ideas for lots of laughs and bonding time.


1. Visit The Local Fire Station

Being a firefighter is a heroic job that probably every little boy has always dreamed of doing. They would love to visit your local fire station and see first hand what those heroes do on a daily basis. Firefighters are usually very generous and welcoming when it comes to kids visiting their station. They usually take them on a tour, let them sit in the fire trucks, give them stickers, and maybe even a plastic fire hat. It’s sure to get your son excited and you’ll love seeing his enthusiasm as he learns about this wonderful job.


2. Get Active

Little boys have a lot of energy so get them out of the house to do something fun and active. Go bowling, mini golfing, hiking, or go kart racing. The adrenaline and excitement will be fun for both of you and is sure to give you and your son an unforgettable date night out.


3. Build Something

One of the greatest bonding activities you can do with someone is to build something together. You have to rely on each other as you each have your own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to making something. So pull out the legos, blocks, or get some old cardboard boxes and build a rocket ship or something else fun. As long as you’re using your hands to make something, it’ll get both of you to rely on each other and will get your imaginations flowing.


4. Have A Movie Night

Kids love watching movies, weather it’s at the movie theaters, or at home. If you can afford to take you son to the theater, then by all means go and have fun. Don’t forget to buy popcorn, candy, and soda, though! That’s one of the best parts about seeing a movie! If you don’t want to spend the money going out to see a movie, then have a movie night in. Make sure it’s just you two and be sure to have plenty of popcorn and other treats as well. To make your son enjoy it even more, let him pick the movie. He’s probably sick of watching chick flicks or other girly movies that his sister always wants to watch, so let him pick whatever action packed, adventure filled movie he wants.


5. Play Some Video Games

Okay, I know that you probably limit your child’s screen time when it comes to video games, but can you imagine how cool your son would think you are if you told him you wanted to play some of his video games? Let him teach you how to do everything and have fun jumping through mazes, shooting things, and running away from enemies together.


6. Go Hunting

When I say hunting I mean more like “searching.” Take your boy outside in nature to look for bugs, birds, plants, and any other fun things you can think of. You’ll have so much fun together as you hunt and search for those items and when you finally do find them you’ll be able to teach your son about them so he can learn more about nature and the world.


7. Go For Dessert And Talk

What child doesn’t love getting dessert? Can you imagine your son’s excitement when you tell him you’re going to go out for some ice cream, cake, slurpees, or hot cocoa? He’ll hardly be able to contain himself. This is perhaps one of the best dates you can do with your child because while you’re eating your dessert it gives you the opportunity to talk to each other and learn more about one another.


8. Hit The Arcade

Playing endless amounts of video games at the arcade is probably every boy’s dream come true. There are so many fun, realistic games that they’ll have a ball playing. You can enjoy a little competition between the two of you as you race each other, play skeet ball against one another, and so much more! This will provide endless laughs and ensure a really good time for both you and your son.

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