10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores

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Some of you may have read an article recently about how Spain is enacting a law, requiring children to do their household chores. It’s the plight of parents around the world. How can we get our children do help around the house? While we may not have a law here in the United States that requires them to do chores, as parents we can be creative and find new ways to engage our kids with the process, perhaps even get them to enjoy doing their chores! Here are ten genius ideas by fellow parents to motivate your children to check off that chore list!

#1 – Withold The WiFi

In this day and age, our children are digitally connected to everything, their friends, games, etc. This is certainly a creative way to get them to do their chores. Only when they are all finished, do they receive the WiFi password to access the internet.

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