10 Chores So Easy, Your Toddler Could Do Them!

If you have a toddler, you already know how quickly they change from a baby to a little person. While it’s sometimes sad to reflect back on how helpless and dependent on you they were, it’s a little bit exciting when your child starts to become independent. You can get a little bit more done now that you can use two hands, and you get to witness your toddler take on responsibility and a sense of pride when they do something on their own. But how soon can you introduce the concept of chores? Earlier than you may think! A “chore” to a toddler isn’t really a chore at all, and it’s a little different then what their chores will be when they are in elementary school (when the idea has lost its luster). Since toddlers love doing things all by themselves, it’s a great time to capitalize on teaching them how to participate in household tasks. Keep in mind that you may end up having to follow in their steps to correctly finish their “chore,” but the experience they gain is the important part! We’ve gathered a great list of toddler appropriate chores you can start dishing out to your young one, so check it out!


1. Helping with Laundry

My daughter simply loves throwing dirty clothes into the washing machine, putting them in the dryer, slamming the door and pushing the start button on the washer. LOVES IT. To the point that if I do it without her she is upset. Is she doing my laundry FOR me? Not a chance. But she is learning that laundry is something you do around the house and that’s the important part. Keep a close eye when your let your kids move clothes into the washer or dryer, you never know what they may accidentally (or purposefully) throw in with your clothes, as I learned here.

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