10 Creative Cardboard Projects That Kids Will Love

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Ah, nothing holds more creative possibilities than an empty cardboard box. Come on, that’s not really a box. Sure, it is a shipping parcel, but it can be so much more. It’s a fort, a rocket ship, an artistic outlet, a musical instrument, there is so much more beyond those cardboard boxes sitting in your mudroom, that paper towel roll, that tissue box! Before you toss it in your recycling bin, try re-purposing it! Children will love imagining all the possibilities of what to create with the versatile compound!

#1 – Rocket Ship

Junior space cadets are sure to love this adorably re-purposed cardboard box! If you have a few boxes, one of large size, and one of a slightly smaller size, have the kids work on decorating the smaller one (the top of the ship), and you can cut an opening for the little ones to crawl inside!

Source: Babble

#2 – Cardboard Roll Stamps

It’s a craft to create another craft! These adorable cardboard heart stamps are easily made from an empty toilet-paper roll. These are manipulated into a heart shape, but they can be quickly manipulated into other shapes, too!

Source: Tinker Lab

#3 – Royal Recreation

This is a fun activity if you happen to have a large box lying around the house, if not you could always try your local grocery store. Create a royal fortress for your prince and princesses! With some ribbon and scissors, you’ll be creating a fancy fortress of your own in no time flat!

Source: Cornerstone Confessions

#4 – Beautiful Boats

Who knew that boats could be made from cardboard? This sweet fleet will keep the kids entertained for hours, and the boats are the perfect size for all of your little one’s action figures and other small figures! The pretend play potential with this activity is really great!

Source: IKatBag

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