10 Dirty Things You Touch On A Daily Basis- Wash Those Hands!

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When I was in college I wrote a speech on hand washing for my Informative Speech class. I started by asking everyone whether they had used the bathroom and not washed their hands that day. You can imagine that not many people admitted it. We all like to think we do a good job of washing our hands and avoiding germs. But while you may be good and minding your manners by doing a thorough washing, not everyone else takes the time to de-germ. Unless you stay at home all day, chances are you come into tons of places every day that other people have spread their germs. Gross! If our list of common dirty places doesn’t send you high-tailing it to the restroom to soap up, then we don’t know what will. So do yourself a favor and check out this list and go wash your hands!


1. Money

Money literally gets passed around from person to person on a daily basis, and it likes to pick up bacteria along the way. The lower the denomination, the more bacteria it contains. Why? More people pass along $1 bills then $100’s! While money doesn’t carry some of the most serious germs and bacteria, it’s dirty enough to potentially cause illness in people prone to sickness already.

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