15 Super Creative Goody Bag Ideas

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Whether you’ve been the recipient of a goody bag or passed them out at your child’s birthday party, you know that a decent party favor can be hard to come by. If I haven’t managed to “accidentally” leave it at the party, most of the rest ends up in the trash because it’s junk. If it’s not filled with knick knacks found in the dollar section at Target or Michael’s, you may be lucky enough to get a candy filled bag- also a bad idea since your kids are already hot-wired from all the cake and cookies from the party itself. There’s been a recent movement to ban goody bags all together (oh the horror!), but if you stilll find yourself jonesing to pass out a great bag or favor worthy of other mom adoration, then check out our list of fun (and not junky) goody bags ideas.


Source: blog.FreePeople.com

1.  Tea Cups

If you have a little girl who loves dainty parties, throw a tea party themed event and have the kiddies paint their own white tea cups. It can serve as an activity at the party, as well as a personalized take home gift that can be used over and over! Make sure you purchase plain porcelain teacups and porcelain paint. Once the kids have finished, allow 20 minutes to bake in your oven at 350 degrees and they’re good to go!

If you’d like a great tutorial on a watercolor themed teacup, check out blog.FreePeople.com!

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