10 Easy New Year’s Eve Party Decorating Ideas

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Gold, silver, glitter, sparkles. That about sums up New Years Eve. It’s definitely a fun holiday full of sparkle and fun. You can’t have a New Year’s Eve party without glamming up your home a bit to make it feel and look more festive. You want your guests to feel like they’ve stepped into a beautiful new world where they can party all night long. That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated or expensive, in fact, there are lots of great ways to decorate your home for your New Year’s party that won’t drain your bank account or all your free time. Check out these 10 great options for decorating your party for New Year’s.


Source: ideas.evite.com

1. Sparkly Champagne Bottles

Why not glam up even the most obvious piece of your New Years party? Obviously you’re going to have champagne, so why not make it look pretty as it sits out on your table and as you pour it for your guests? I love how extra sparkly these bottles are and that they scream “Happy New Year” just because they’re so sparkly and bright.

(Head over to Evite for party decor inspiration, invitations, DIY projects, and so much more).


Source: ohhappyday.com

2. Giant Sequin Backdrop

Photo booths or photo stations are all the rage now a days when it comes to having a party. You can’t throw a party without one. Just so you know, you’re going to need to make the backdrop look fabulous. I mean, this isn’t just any party, this is a New Year’s party! It’s got to be full of fun and spunk and nothing says that more than this giant sequin backdrop. It may take you a while to attach all the sequins, but all in all it’s pretty easy and the result is definitely worth it.

(Check out Oh Happy Day! for decorating inspiration for your home, parties, holidays, free printables, and more).


Source: honeyandfitz.com

3. Bubbly Balloon Wall

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to dress up any room for a party is to blow up some balloons in different sizes, then tape them on the wall in a random pattern. This looks great for any occasion and would be perfect and simple for your upcoming New Year’s party. Keep it New Year’s themed by using gold, silver, black, and white balloons and you’ll have an interesting wall for any wall in your home.

(Honey & Fitz is a great website full of DIY projects, flea market finds, organization tips, and so lots more).

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