12 Fun & Festive Fall Activities For The Whole Family

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7. Jump In A Leaf Pile

With all the fallen leaves on the ground, you’ve really got to take advantage of the opportunity to jump in a leaf pile. Take the kiddos outside one day, have them help you rake up all the leaves in the front yard and pretend like you’re just going to throw them away. Then, surprise them, run and jump into the leaf pile letting the leaves explode everywhere. It’ll definitely have your kids laughing, giggling, and jumping in their own leaf pile and spending lots of time outdoors for the day.


8. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite fall foods for many reasons. They’re delicious, of course, but they’re also easy to make and easy to eat as a healthy little snack. When you’re carving out the pumpkins around halloween tell everyone to put their seeds in one bowl. As they are carving away, clean up the seeds in the sink, put them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle them with whatever seasonings you’d like, then pop them in the oven. There are so many flavor possibilities that you can make some healthy ones for you and some tasty sugary ones for the kiddos as well. That way everyone will enjoy eating them.


9. Make Caramel Apples

Caramel apples sure are a delicious fall treat. This fall season, instead of buying some to devour, make them at home. Buy lots of different topping options so that everyone can really customize their apple and make it taste the way they want. Chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, heath bar, marshmallows, etc. It would be so fun to make these as a family and then eat them afterwards while watching a fun seasonal movie.

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