10 Fun Ways To Announce That You’re Pregnant With Twins

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7. Include The Whole Family

Birth announcement photo shoots are also fantastic for getting in that oh so coveted family portrait time, including the rest of your immediate family, no matter how small it may be, is a great way to make new memories and show everyone how happy all of you are with beginning a new journey.

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8. Say It Without Words

It’s not always necessary to use words to convey your happiness, sometimes all that’s needed is a simple symbolic gesture to express the excitement that comes along with finding out that you’re getting two little bundles of joy. This shoot manages to pull that off perfectly.

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9. Be Thankful

It is always important to be thankful for everything you have and incorporating that gratefulness into your pregnancy announcement is always a good idea. Have fun, include the entire family, and be sure to incorporate your faith!

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10. 2 Babies…One Announcement

Another simple announcement that features beautiful scenery, gorgeous photography, and a very simple tell. This adorable shoot also serves as a gender reveal as well, effectively killing two birds with one twin-sized stone.

Over at Jenni From The Blog, the clever name isn’t the only thing that’s fun and hilarious.

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