10 Fun Ways To Announce That You’re Pregnant With Twins

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Source: Picklee.com

4. Do Your Shopping Early

Shopping for your new babies is one of the best parts about being pregnant, so why not get some of your shopping done way ahead of time and incorporate your future babies’ shoes into your pregnancy announcement. The family wardrobe matching aspect of this shoot is completely adorable and the simple statement that it makes portrays a very simplistic yet on-the-ball message.

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Source: theweddingformat.com

5. Be Adventurous

Deciding to have a baby is already a pretty big deal in and of itself, but if your family has a huge love of adventure that extends way past important life decisions and moves into the territory of traveling and skydiving, a pregnancy announcement along the same vein as this one is perfect! Show the world that you’re ready to take on your twins as well as the great outdoors.

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Source: doublebatch.com

6. Be Funny

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you’re more than slightly terrified about being a new parent, especially when you’re about to double the fun with a set of brand new twins. Incorporating that panic into your pregnancy announcement in a fun and hilarious way is awesome for lightening the mood a bit and keeping things entertaining.

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