10 Fun Ways To Paint With Your Toddler

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I love the natural wonder of 2-year-olds. They’re fascinated by things we take for granted everyday. That’s why it’s so fun to do crafts with them. They marvel at streaks of color from a crayon, dipping a paintbrush into water, or rubbing a glue stick across a piece of paper.

What I don’t love, however, is finger painting with a toddler. Ugh. It’s so messy, and it’s over so quickly, it hardly seems worth it. That’s why I love these 10 painting projects you can do with your toddler. They’re creative and simple, and yes, maybe a little messy, but worth the prep time and the together time you’ll have with your child.


Source: Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds

1. Circle Painting

This project is perfect to introduce your toddler to basic shapes, and all you need is a toilet paper tube (and some paint, of course). A circle shape is the most obvious, but you can also bend the edges of the tube to form different shapes like an oval or a rectangle.

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