15 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games

backyard games

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With the nice beautiful weather approaching this spring and summer, you’re going to want to be spending a lot more time outside.  There will be BBQs, swim parties, casual get togethers, or maybe just an evening with your own family in your backyard. To help keep your friends and family entertained while spending time outside, try playing some of these fun outdoor games that both kids and adults can play.

Pool Noodle Race Track DIY 80

Source: ramblingsfromutopia.com

1. Pool Noodle Race

All kids love games where you race things and a pool noodle race will really get them excited.  This game is incredibly easy to make because all you really need is a pool noodle!  You can have fun decorating it if you wish, but it’s not mandatory.  Let the kiddos roll marbles or little cars down the noodles and see who’s the winner!

(If you’re interested in lots of DIY projects for you and the kids head over to Ramblings From Utopia where you’ll find lots of creative ideas).

backyard games

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2. Yard Twister

Remember how much fun you had playing Twister as a kid?  Why don’t we, as adults, play this anymore?  The crazy, awkward positions we get ourselves in make everyone laugh and have a good time.  With this version of Twister you can play it outside on your grass!  Just spray some circles on the grass and put the foot/hand instructions on strips of paper in a cup so someone can pull them out and announce them.  Everyone will thank you for bringing back this oldy, but goody game.

(Check out You + Me for a creative lifestyle blog that has lots of fun ideas for parties and baking).


backyard games

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3. Ball Toss

This is a great game for both kids and adults.  If you have bean bags, you can use those, otherwise just round up some balls you have laying around the house.  I know with just my son alone we probably have 20-30 balls in our home.  Put out some cups or bowls on the lawn with signs signifying how many points each cup/bowl is worth.  Make sure the more difficult bowls are worth more points.

(For a fun lifestyle blog on traveling and yummy recipes, head over to One more Moore).

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