10 Genius Uses For A Pool Noodle

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When the pool noodle first came on the market, I’m sure parents across the globe scoffed. I mean, come on. It’s a long piece of foam with a hole in it. But inventor Steve Hartman is taking his pool noodle and laughing all the way to the bank. While he had a difficult time marketing the simple pool toy at first (whose original purpose was to cover expansion joints in runways and highways), within a year the concept took off and now people publish books on creative ways to use your noodles. Instead of demeaning your pool noodle and committing it to a singular life as a pool toy, check out our list of genius ways you can get the most of it!


Source: PlayCreateExplore.org

1. Painting

This is an excellent use of a pool noodle for number of reasons. First, its great for little hands who may not be able to paint with a brush yet. Second, it keeps the mess to a minimum! And finally, when the painting session is over you can just throw it all away because it’s so inexpensive, and you probably still have 5.5 feet left of your pool noodle to cut up for next time.

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