Let’s be honest, staying in a hospital for a few days to have your baby is nothing like staying in a hotel. Yes, you get your fair share of room service, but its at all hours of the night and for un-fun activities, like uterine massages (they sound much nicer than they really are- trust me).  Most women can’t wait to get out and return to their comfy home and their own bed, but before you rush out those doors make sure you take your hospital “freebies” with you. When we were preparing to leave the hospital, a good friend of mine told me to scour the room for stuff to take home and I was shocked! I didn’t know that I could take anything with me, but am so glad to shared that nugget of wisdom with me. All hospitals run a little differently, but most items that are in your room can’t be re-used with another patient anyways so leave no pad behind! Another piece of great advice is to ask your nurses for additional items of things you think you’ll need. It never hurts to ask! We’ve put together a great list of mom and baby items that you don’t want to leave.


1. Diapers & Wipes

Even if your hospital uses a different brand than you plan on using, take all the diapers and wipes with you. Your newborn will go through diapers like they are going out of style. Remember, you already “paid” for them (or you will when your hospital bill arrives) and there’s no sense letting perfectly good diapers go to waste.

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