Nailed It! 10 Gorgeous Geometric Manicures To Try In 2018

geometric manicures

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Geometric manis are new in the nail game this year, and whether you consider yourself a nail novice or a pro, almost anyone can pull off this design. Also known as negative space manicures, you can easily get this look without nail wraps (can I hear an amen?) by using washi tape and your favorite nail polishes colors. Here are just some of our favorites we totally plan to nail this year (see what I did there?).

1. Cute Cutouts

I love this mani that appears to have “cut and pasted” color chunks from one nail to the next. Only a few nails need this design to get a maximum wow factor, and the color choices are endless. This is a cute and classy look that easily goes from work to play.

2. Black, White, and Amazing All Over

Can you get any classier than black and white, or any easier than a diagonal line? Black tie affairs, heading to the office, or wrestling on the floor with the kids- there’s nowhere this mani can’t go.

3. Simple, Simple, Simple

Ok we lied about that last one- this black and white mani is just as amazing and easy. Basic black and white lines are simple laid atop a nude base coat. They look classy and would go perfect with all those mini finger rings you have lying around. If you prefer a more colorful option, this manicure would look just as awesome with some pops of color.

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