10 Interesting Things To Know About Fertility

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4. Wearing Socks Boosts Your Fertility

Poor circulation reduces fertility in both men and women. On the contrary, wearing socks will warm up your feet and get your blood flowing. So, when you’re trying to get pregnant, make sure that neither you nor your man are doing the deed with bare feet.

5. Alcohol May Affect Your Chances Of Conceiving

If you’re a fan of alcohol and you want to conceive, you’ll likely have to choose which is more important. Heavy drinking can affect fertility by increasing the amount of time it takes to get pregnant. And while there’s no scientific evidence on the way moderate drinking affects fertility, many in the medical field suggest that women who want to conceive avoid alcohol altogether.

6. There’s A Correlation Between Stress And Infertility

Just like stress can interfere with our mental and emotional health, it can also interfere with our ability to get pregnant. In response to stress, women can experience changes in blood flow to the uterus, which affects implantation. The uterus might not be receptive to eggs, and contractions inside the uterus might become more frequent. This makes it less likely for a woman to conceive. Many women have said that as soon as they stopped trying to have a baby, and stopped worrying about how to get pregnant, that’s when they did. There might be some truth to that.

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