10 Perfect Activities For The Waiting Room- Keep Your Kids Entertained!

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Now that my daughter is no longer confined to her infant carrier when we are out in public, I often find myself in a pickle when we end up stuck somewhere I didn’t foresee, and need her to be entertained (i.e., not run off as source of entertainment). Being 2, she doesn’t quite understand the notion of “patience” and I get weary of trying to teach it to her in the moment, while trying to avoid a meltdown at the same time. There are tons of places moms find themselves stuck waiting with their kids in tow: the waiting room ANYWHERE (car wash, doctors office, you name it), in the car, or even the line in the grocery store. The worst part is getting stuck and having absolutely none of the usual supplies you normally have like crayons and cards to keep boredom at bay. Sure, we could just hand our phones over to them, but I personally don’t want to rely on technology to entertain my child. If this has ever happened to you, then check out our list of activities that you can use to keep your kids entertained while waiting- no special tools required!


1. Find the Colors

This is my personal go-to at the moment, as we often are waiting in line at the grocery store. My daughter doesn’t like riding in the shopping cart anymore so I’m often at the mercy of her deciding to obey me and stay where I can see her. She is learning her colors, so now I quiz her on them using all the candy bars at the checkout candy. We go through all the colors and she repeats them and points out the candy with her cute little fingers. Easy!

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