10 Terrific Tiny Houses You’ll Want To Live In

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The Tiny House Movement is gaining momentum in America, with people making concerted efforts to become less attached to material possessions and to live simply. What exactly is a tiny house? While there’s no absolute standard, most tiny houses are those that are 400 square feet or smaller. Tiny homes are not for everyone, but you’d be surprised at just how many people are willingly tossing aside closets full of clothes and kitchens busting at the seams with china, all to live a minimal life focused on experiences rather than worldly goods. If you think living in a tiny house means living in squalor or cluttered conditions, you’d be wrong! Architecture and design is at the forefront of tiny homes, and here are just a handful of terrific houses you’ll want to live in.

1. Modern

Not only does this house look gorgeous from the outside, the inside will wow your senses. The streamlined design makes you forget you’re standing in only 310 square feet of house!

2. Loft Living

I seriously love the white design theme for this next tiny house. The light color palette makes everything look larger, even the exterior. The loft is warm and inviting, despite being right over the kitchen.

3. Rustic

The use of reclaimed wood in this tiny house makes it cozy and functional. You can barely see the washing machine hidden under the kitchen bar! Don’t you love the pops of green color?

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