10 Totally Adorable Room Ideas For Girls

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Every little girl wants their room to be just like them and whatever they may be in to–for that moment. Whether your little girl is a prima ballerina in training, a wannabe Disney princess, or simply marches to the beat of her own drum, here’s a list of 10 totally adorable rooms for girls that might catch her–and your–interest.

Now if only they had rooms as cute as these when we were kids…


82e17daf0535349cae831a507b4b6334Source: goodideasforyou.com

1. Bird house paradise

This super cutesy little girls room is dainty and picturesque, and even has a nice desk plus a chaise lounger in the corner. This would have my dream come true growing up, a little safe haven to call your very own.

(goodideasforyou.com is wonderful for tips and ideas on how to take your own ideas and make them even better!)

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