10 Unique & Creative DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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All of us go through seasons of life where it seems that everyone we know is having a baby. Your weekends are often filled up with baby showers and constantly shopping for baby gifts can get expensive and overwhelming. If you’ve put off waiting too long to shop, then you also run the risk of getting to the store and finding there are no more items left on the registry! Sure, you can always buy diapers or a gift card, but you had a more thoughtful gift in mind, right? We’ve collected 10 gift ideas both for the seamstress and the sewing challenged, that are fresh and unique. We hope you find one you love and can get crafting!


Source: Crafty-couple.blogspot.com

1. Flannel or Terry Cloth-Backed Burp Cloths

First time moms underestimate the amount of spit up, drool, pee and vomit that a little person can produce, and that’s why you can never have enough burp cloths. They aren’t just for burping, but are great as emergency napkins, mopping up spilled milk and even used as wipes. While the regular white cloth diapers do the trick, you can add a more personalized touch by making your own using flannel or terry cloth, and they are even more absorbent and soft on baby’s cheek.

If this sounds like a craft you’d love, then check out Crafty-couple.blogspot.com for a super simple tutorial on terry cloth burp cloths.

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