15 Amazing Bathroom Organization Ideas


Source: goodhousekeeping.com

10. Hang A Second Shower Rod To Organize Bath Products

This is another amazing organizing solution that I can’t believe I’ve never thought of. Often times showers don’t provide enough shelf space for all your toiletry needs and bath toys for your kiddos. A great way to resolve that is to hang a second shower rod inside the shower and then hang baskets to put everything in. You can hang the rod high, or low for the kiddos to access, as well.

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Source: goodhousekeeping.com

11. Hang Baskets On Their Sides To Hold Items

If you are short on linen closet space, or maybe just don’t have one, turn some baskets on their sides and hang them on the wall! This creates a shelf where you can store all your extra towels, and in a really pretty way. They look so neat and organized and yet still beautiful.

(Good Housekeeping has lots of great recipes ideas, product reviews, home decor inspiration, beauty tips, and more).

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12. Store Cleaning Items In A Shoe Organizer

Here’s another great way to use the inside of the cabinet door to organize items. Take a plastic shoe organizer and hang it on the door. This will provide you with perfect little pockets to store cleaning supplies, jewelry, brushes, combs, and so much more! You instantly have so many places to store and organize items in such a simple way.

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