12 Creative Ways To Teach Your Child At Home

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As a mother, sometimes I worry if my son is learning enough on a daily basis. He has lots of toys and I play with him and show him new things, but is he really learning as much as he can? Are his toys really benefiting his mind? This is something that I’m sure you’ve worried about with your children as well. The good news is that there are many DIY activities that you can teach your child at home in fun ways. They can learn about shapes, letters, colors, math, nature and so much more by enjoying some of these great activities. Here are 12 wonderfully creative ways to teach your child at home while still being entertained and having fun.


Source: wecandoallthings.blogspot.com

1. Letter Tray

This DIY letter tray is a great way for kids to learn letters. All you need in order to make this activity is a cookie sheet, a permanent marker, and some letter magnets, all of which can most likely be purchased at a dollar store. Even better! Once made, let your child match the magnetic letters to the written letters on the tray. For even more learning, you can encourage your child to sound out the letters as they find them or say a word that starts with that specific letter. It’s great that there are multiple ways for them to learn with this activity. You can also do this with numbers, shapes, or any magnet you find that you think would work.

(The We Can Do All Things Blog is a wonderful resource for kids crafts as well as lots of developmental activities that will benefit your children’s learning and playing).

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