12 First Birthday High Chair Decoration Ideas

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Throwing your baby’s first birthday party is always really exciting. It’s a big milestone in your child’s life and you get to share it with all your close friends and family. People have really started to outdo themselves when it comes to first birthday parties, making them a really big deal. One of the biggest focal points of any first birthday part is the baby’s high chair where they will devour their first birthday cake (which is always so fun to watch). Since so many people are going to be looking at the high chair, and you’ll have pictures of their first cake experience for years to come, it’s usually a good idea to decorate it so it looks fun and cute. There are lots of great ways to decorate the high chair, and we’ve found 12 ways that we think you’ll love. Check them out.


Source: blueistyleblog.com

1. Tinsel

Putting tinsel around the edge of your baby’s high chair table is probably one of the easiest decorations you can do to a high chair. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this myself. You can find tinsel everywhere, even at the dollar store, which makes this decoration really easy and not to mention cheap! Even still, it’s really pretty and can go with so many different party themes because you can choose just about any color.

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2. Simple “ONE” Letters

If you prefer to keep things fairly simple, this design is probably just right for you. All you need to do is hang the letters that spell “ONE” from the high chair and you’re done. No fuss, just simple beauty. Even though it’s simple, it still brings a little interest and flare to the high chair and will still look great in photos.

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3. Hanging Shapes

You’ve probably seen decorations like this on Pinterest, but usually they’re hanging from the ceiling or on a wall. I’ve never seen them used on a high chair, and I have to admit I love the look! I really love that these particular ones are ombre. You can do any shape really, but these circles just look so cute!

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