Raising children is most certainly one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences that we will ever have, but let’s face it, it’s a tough gig. From feedings, changing diapers, potty training, bathing, dressing them, teaching them, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. It happens to the best of us. But every now and again, there comes an exceptionally designed product that makes one of our many jobs as mom and dad just a little bit easier. We’re examining some of the latest and greatest products created by parents, for parents.

#1 – Swoop Bag

Ah, playtime. The time where the kids are able to amuse themselves for a bit by playing with their favorite toys, and giving mom or dad a much needed break. It’s after playtime when disaster strikes – the dreaded task of getting your kids to clean up the mess they made. SwoopBags, created by Sarah Kirk from an original idea handed down for three generations, is an incredible storage solution for all of those little toys the kids have! When spread out on the floor, the bag becomes a play-mat, and after they are done, the toys are put onto the play-mat in the center, and everything is pulled up into a drawstring bag, neat and tidy until the next time!

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#2 – Reflo Controlled Drinking Cup

When our little ones make that transition from bottle to sippy cup, it can be tough. Try as we may, somehow, some way, our baby’s beverage of choice always ends up either on the floor or on your child. Enter the Reflo cup! This revolutionary cup redirects the flow of liquid in the cup with a patented insert in the rim of the cup!

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#3 – The Disappearing Potty Seat

Once you get the kids on the road to being potty trained, we learn that they more often than not like to use the “grown-up” potty, rather than their own. The only problem is that with a tinier tush, they run the risk of falling into the toilet. With the Disappearing Potty Seat, you don’t even have to worry about that anymore. With the look and feel of a regular toilet seat lid, a smaller toilet seat, designed just for kids is held magnetically to the lid, until your little one is ready to use it!

Source: One Step Ahead

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