Although children are not the tidiest at times, they definitely like participating in activities with the parents. With the winter thankfully coming to a close in the coming weeks, it’s time to start on the spring cleaning to get out with the old and in with the new. Every year brings new reasons to purge ourselves of the items we may not need, and often times that we may not have even realized that we still had. This is especially true for many kids items in our household, as children’s sizes, preferences, and needs change with the seasons.

As kids like participating and “helping” their parents in general, with the exclusion of many teenagers, spring cleaning is the perfect time to have the young ones contribute and pull their own weight around the house. Here are some ways to get the kids involved that will help Mom and Dad out in the process:


1. Have Them Help You Decide What Clothes Need To Go

Kids grow like weeds right before our very eyes, and chances are those shorts from last year won’t even button this time around. If you’ve held on to summer clothes from last year have your child help you sort through them to determine what stays and what goes. Make separate piles for each and those that don’t make the cut get taken to your local donation center of choice.

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