4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe On The Cheap

update your wardrobe

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I don’t know about you, but it can be hard reconcile my two passions of saving money and looking super stylish. Especially for moms, it can be tough to carve out the time to bargain hunt and ensure you’re getting the best deal all while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood! Luckily, I consider myself somewhat of a know-it-all when it comes to making sure I’m getting the best deal when shopping – and spending very little time doing it! Here’s four ways I’ve found that allow you busy mothers out there to get the best style deals.

update your wardrobe

1. Shop Small and Ask For Discounts

You’d be surprised by how many local boutiques there are out there. I love discovering new, independent boutiques and stores – and the owners or associates in the stores often provide a level of warmth and assistance that is hard to get from the larger chains! Not to mention that your money goes towards helping local businesses stay afloat. As a first time customer in a lot of these local stores, you can often get new client deals not offered to the general public. I just stopped by a new boutique I had never heard of before – the assistants were so kind and helpful, and even offered me a 30% discount as a first time customer! Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any new customer discounts–– you never know what they may offer!

2. Follow Brands and Stores On Instagram

A lot of the time, brands and stores that have a small to medium following on Instagram enjoy rewarding their followers with in-the-know deals. Especially if you engage with their brand on Instagram, they sometimes give you great deals or let you know the good sales ahead of time! Be sure to follow you favorite brands and check frequently for discount codes and sales you might now know about otherwise.

3. Pay Attention To Ads

Ads get a pretty bad rap in general – but I found out about one of my favorite dress brands, Tobi, from a Facebook ad! New brands often want to get their name out there and win over potential customers, and so will often provide new clients really good savings on their first couple of purchases. I got my first Tobi dress for 50% off just by clicking on the ad I saw. Instead of dismissing those ads, take a few moments to check out if it’s something you might actually be interested in.

4. Be Patient and Wait For Sales

This one may be obvious, but it’s really worth remembering this when you see something in a store that you just have to have. If you can hold off on making that purchase, many stores will offer promotions every few weeks. You can probably snag that piece for up to 40% off if you’re willing to wait a bit! This is one of the easiest ways to save money while shopping – and if you can wait for the inevitable sale, it’ll be well worth it!


Author Bio

Anjolie Kulkarni is the founder of Pixt Fashion, a fashion technology company that allows users to take a picture of an item of clothing and find similar styles located in local boutiques nearby. Anjolie is based in New York City and loves exploring new coffee shops and fun workout classes in her free time. Get in touch at anjolie@pixtfashion.com.







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4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe On The Cheap

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