5 DIY Pet Beds For Your Favorite Pup

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Just like your real kids, your fur babies deserve cool, comfortable places to lay their heads. Your pets are probably as low maintenance as they come. They require plenty of food, a loving family, and of course a super cool bed to call their very own. You can definitely head over to your local pet store and pick up something cute, use a fluffy pillow that you already have, or let your furry friend take up residence on their favorite piece of furniture. But if you want to go a more creative route, DIY is totally the way to go. The beds on this list range from 10 minute easy to a bit more complex. Whatever your style, there is something here that is perfect for your family and your pet.

Source: prodigalpieces.com

1. Completely Custom DIY Pet Bed

Admittedly, this project is kind of a large one to undertake. While it doesn’t take multiple days or tons of long hours to complete, it does require some previous knowledge of woodwork and sewing. Everything from the bed frame to the large comfy pillow is handmade and completely customized. It is stylish enough to fit in perfectly with the rest of your home decor and comfy enough to make even the most discerning pet happy.

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Source: sugarstilettosstyle.com

2. DIY 10 Minute Pet Furrow Bed

This project is cute, simple, and completely low key. Completed in about 10 minutes using a sewing machine or simple needle and thread, this pillow is made completely up of a pillow and a warm fleece blanket.

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Source: vtwonen.nl

3. DIY Inside Pet House

This DIY pet house is a Scandinavian style structure that is just as just as fun and adorable as the pup that inhabits it.  Much like the first one on this list, this project requires a bit more effort and a few wooden slats. Luckily, the use of any tools beyond a screwdriver and a saw are completely unnecessary. Give your furry pal a home of his own with this fun project.

Head over to vtwonen to find more sleek, Scandinavian design inspiration.

Source: studiodiy.com

4. DIY Emoji Dog Bed

Emoji’s never go out of style. Especially not when they are turned into a bed for an adorable pup. Completely no sew and super easy to complete, this project uses a shortcut by making use of a pre-made dog bed and topping it with adorable decorations. Completed in about an hour, this may be the easiest DIY you will ever do.

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Source: build-basic.com

5. Chic DIY Pet Bed

It is more than okay to want your pet’s permanent accessories to mesh well with the rest of the things in your home. This pet bed is the perfect blend of sweetness and style. The white base and chic pillow are neutral enough to fit in just about anywhere and is one heck of a conversation starter.

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