5 Great Gardening Activities That Are Perfect For Kids

gardening activities

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It’s never too early to start teaching your kids the value of a garden and how to take care of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. In all honestly, I just hope that my attempts at teaching my daughter how to care for plants means she won’t end up with the brown thumb that I’ve had most of my life! You don’t have to be an expert gardener to teach your kids how to love the life that comes from gardening, both in watching things grow and produce beauty and food that sustains life. Here are just a handful of fun gardening activities that are perfect for kids.

gardening activities

Source: Adventure-In-A-Box.com

1. Garden Markers

A fun and easy ways to help your kids get invested in your garden is for them to help make garden markers to identify your different fruits and veggies. It’s a simple enough activity that requires just painting rocks to look like whatever plants you’re growing: tomatoes, strawberries, squash- whatever’s in your garden! You may need to give a little help when it comes to making some cute faces like the ones on the photo above, but I think your kids will get a kick out of helping out in your garden.

Adventure-In-A-Box.com has many more DIY toy ideas, arts and crafts that are perfect for kids!

gardening activities

Source: DIYNetwork.com

2. DIY Bird Food Garland

Part of the fun of having a garden is all the fauna you attract, like butterflies and birds (we’ll avoid the obnoxious bunnies and squirrels who tend to just eat everything for the sake of this post). You can easily create a fun food garland to attract some fun birds to your garden by hanging bits of seeds, buts and fruit. The kids will love personalizing the garland, and hopefully enjoy watching all the critters even more.

Get more details on making your own food garland at DIYNetwork.com.

gardening activities

Source: 99Architecture.com

3. Create A Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens are whimsical, miniature gardens with details like tiny houses, shrubs, flowers and probably a little fairy floating around. They are fun ways for kids to get excited about gardens and have something to take care of on their own. We’ve done a great post all about fairy gardens, 10 Fairy Gardens That Will Make You Want To Start Your Own. Head over to check it out!

Check out 99Architecture.com for 98 more ideas for making your own fairy garden!

gardening activities

Source: RainOrShineMamma.com

4. Egg Carton Starter

Get a head start on your spring planting by starting seedlings in egg cartons.They are the perfect size for your little gardener, don’t take up much room, can be kept indoors and can be watched with your careful eye. Oh, and they aren’t super messy! Win-win!

Find out how to start your own egg carton starter garden and other kid activities, no matter the weather, at RainOrShineMamma.com.

gardening activities


Source: UpstateRamblings.com

5. Thumbprint Flower Pots

I always love a craft that has the imprint of my daughter’s little hands and fingers. This thumbprint flower pot is a super easy way to add some precious touches to your simple terra cotta pots. The kids can have a hey day painting them whatever colors they want, and they leaving the stamp of approval in the form of their thumbprints. This is such a sweet craft!

Check out UpstateRamblings.com for this craft idea!


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gardening activities

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