9 Ways To Get A Beautiful Balcony Garden

balcony garden

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Accept for my childhood home, I’ve never lived in a place where I could have a lush and beautiful garden. Living in Southern California means that property is at a premium and my husband and I have often sacrificed having a yard so that we could have more living space. And I feel like we aren’t the only ones. Whether you live like us, in an urban or city setting, or an apartment with just a tiny balcony, you don’t have to sacrifice having a beautiful garden! A Balcony garden can be just as beautiful, and honestly- more creative, then a traditional garden. Keep reading to see how you can have the garden of your dreams, even on a balcony.

balcony garden

Source: YourGreatFinds.blogspot.com

1. Upcycle

Most balconies are not known for the large size, but they usually offer enough room for small items like a bistro table and chairs. Get creative with how you pot your plants: use old chairs like in the photo above (ahem- how GORGEOUS is this succulent arrangement), place pots on your table, repurpose an old shoe rack, or use an old desk to offer more space to arrange your beauties.

You can find tons of amazing odds and ends over at YourGreatFinds.blogspot.com!

balcony garden

Source: ApartmentTherapy.com

2. Use Rain Gutters

Round pots can take up tons of space you don’t really have on a small balcony, so streamlined ways to grow herbs and flowers like slim flower boxes and rain gutters can help get you the garden you desire. They are great for things like herbs that won’t grow too large or bushy! You can affix them to your railing or just right up to the side of your building (because chances are, you’re not going to be allowed to drill into the side of your walls!)

Visit ApartmentTherapy.com for 9 more creative ideas to getting the balcony garden of your dreams.

balcony garden

Source: Brit.co

3. Add Latticework

When you don’t have room to go out, go UP. This balcony uses latticework to create vertical space that otherwise wouldn’t be there because of the harsh stucco walls of the adjoining wall in this home. Adding latticework or pallets gives you extra space to hang pots or grow vines up, creating that lush garden feel.

Check out Brit.co for 14 more balcony garden ideas, and tons of other amazing design and DIY projects.

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