10 Pictures That Prove The Banana Bun Will Be Your New Favorite Hairstyle

banana bun

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When it comes to fashion, beauty and style, the French often lead the way. When we aren’t trying to mimic their every day effortless chic, we are oogling their accent and grace that is so ingrained in the French culture. The newest French craze to hit Pinterest is the Banana Bun, and it’s perfect for moms because it’s basically a new take on a messy bun. Instead of a sleek top knot or a chignon, the banana bun is worn closer to the base of the neck and has a longer shape that resembles a banana. If you were to look up “easy and quick hairstyles” on Pinterest, the Banana Bun would be the one of the top results and here’s why:

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1. Super Thick Banana Bun

If you have thick hair like I do, it automatically makes hairstyles more complicated because we just have so much hair. But the Banana Bun doesn’t discriminate and this women’s thick hair is proof. I love how she uses the volume to her advantage to create such a full style, even with so much length. You may need to use a TON of bobby pins, but it’s worth it.

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2. Pretty Messy

The Banana Bun is supposed to look effortless so it’s ok for it to look pretty messy. Pull out pieces and don’t worry about missed tendrils-they only add to the look that will just look better as the day goes on.

3. Waves

Unlike a traditional sleek bun, you don’t have to work out the kinks before twisting your hair into submission. This romantic looking Banana Bun is only made better by the natural wave of this women’s hair. LOVE!

4. Light & Loose

Like most messy buns, you don’t have to tuck each and every piece of hair in. This Banana Bun still embraces the trademark low-neck and twisted style, but leaves the ends loose instead. To me, it’s like an upgraded ponytail and I like it.

5. Unicorn

You’ll pretty much only get this look if you’ve got daring hair, but we just couldn’t leave this Banana Bun out of the list. It’s a little more sleek then the previous photos, but you can’t deny the shape that makes it perfect for our roundup.

6. Airy

This Banana Bun! Oh my. Normally I’d think of this style as an every day or weekend look but this version makes it perfect for a blushing bride. It’s gorgeous and delicate and one of our favorites.


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7. Lowlights

If you sport highlights or lowlights, they’re only going to make your Banana Bun look more amazing. I love how the varying colors really bring out the fun twists that make this style so unique.

8. Super Twisty

Your Banana Bun can have as many twists or “buns” as you want. This version looks like it has more than 1 and it just adds more dimension and character.

9. Dark & Mysterious

This version has the ends both wrapped up, while some sticking straight out. If you can’t manage to pin everything down, who cares! It only makes your banana bun look all the better.

10. Half Banana Bun

Half top knots are super in style, and there’s a reason: sometimes we just can’t make up our minds and we want a little up and a little down. If that sounds like you, this half banana bun that leaves a long pony down it perfect.

If you NEED to get this style for yourself (which, let’s be honest, you DO) then check out this how-to video. It’s a quick tutorial that uses just a few simple steps that almost anyone can do, from long to medium hair.


banana bun

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