As a mother of a two year old, I’ve already become an expert in how quickly kids outgrow baby “stuff” that once served as vital to their every day survival. Our baby swing is now in someone else’s home because it no longer entertained her at 6 months old. The bouncy seat is now bouncing other babies in the church nursery. The Bumbo is now a toy that basically just sits in the corner of the loft, and our pack ‘n play resides at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the unlikely event that we may need it. While I’m not quite ready to part with all of it, I also don’t like it cluttering up my home and garage. After doing some research, I found some creative ways to keep your pack ‘n play working hard. Check out this fun list of ways to upcycle your portable crib!



1. Ball Pit

Whether you need an easy and entertaining place to store your child while you do adult things like go the bathroom, or just want to wow your toddler with a “new” toy, this ball pit will do the trick! Put up your PnP and take out the bassinet portion and mobile, if you have one. Then just dump a bunch of balls in like these from Amazon and toss in your toddler. In this day and age, many fast food restaurants don’t have ball pits anymore because of germs and who knows what else. But in a few minutes, you’ve resurrected this timeless form of entertainment! is a great parenting website with loads of advice on parenting, recipes and other DIY crafts.

Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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