6 Brussels Sprouts Recipes Even Your Kids Will Eat

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I’m going to make a confession: I did not eat brussels sprouts into well into my 30’s. It wasn’t that I was scared or even disgusted. I’m guessing the main reason is that neither of my parents ever tried them, as their parents before them. Cooking with the skills they had, they never even attempted brussels sprouts and then all it took the some cultural norm that “brussels sprouts are gross” to cement the fact that this cruciferous vegetable would not be gracing our dinner table. Before too much more time passes, I’ve decided to make brussels sprouts a mainstay in our home. If you didn’t know, this veggie is actually very high in protein, Vitamin K & C, potassium and helps fight against heart disease. If you learn how to cook them, you’ll never have to worry about their trademark smell that deters most people from eating this powerhouse vegetable. We’ve collected some delicious recipes that are so good, even your kids will eat them!


Source: PinchOfYum.com

1. Caramelized Brussels Sprouts With Maple Orange Glaze

Caramelizing anything makes it better, and using this method to cook brussels sprouts for your kids is a great way to introduce them to this vegetable. By cooking in a skillet, you will get a great crispy texture and a crunchy center- because nobody wants a soggy or smushy sprout! This version is then tossed in a maple orange glaze and topped with BACON and cheese. Side dish? Heck, you could eat this a main course!

If you love food, then you need to visit PinchOfYum.com for tasty and beautiful recipes, especially this brussels sprout dish!


Source: SkinnyTaste.com

2. Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Every parent knows the easiest way to make a vegetable appetizing is to smother it with cheese, and that’s what makes this Brussels Sprouts Gratin a winner! After roasting your sprouts, which brings out the natural earthy and nutty flavors, you will sprinkle a delicious sauce and Gruyere cheese and then bake a little until all melted. Your kids will be clamoring for more!

Check out SkinnyTaste.com for this recipe, and other delicious options for cooking healthy for your family.


Source: GimmeSomeOven.com

3. Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, and Pepper Jack Macaroni and Cheese

We just reflected on the magic of cheese and here’s another meal that incorporates America’s favorite dinner, mac and cheese! Plain macaroni and cheese can often leave you hungry if it doesn’t come with veggies or meat, and that’s why this version is a huge step up. Switch up your regular cheddar for some spicy pepper jack, and add in roasted onions and brussels sprouts for a surprisingly healthy take on this fav. It looks pretty and tastes amazing too.

This recipe is an award winner, so head over to GimmeSomeOven.com to get your hands on it!


Source: OhSheGlows.com

4. Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a tasty and basic take on veggies, and this Crispy Brussels Sprouts recipe is perfect. It’s also perfectly customizable, meaning you can add with any type of sauce, seasoning or glaze you want. Some examples are balsamic vinaigrette, teriyaki or garlic. Slice and roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes each side and toss with your fav topping. Delish!

OhSheGlows.com has some awesome ideas for baking brussels sprouts your own way. Be sure to check out her site!


Source: RealSimpleGood.com

5. Chicken Skillet With Brussels Sprouts

Quit putting Brussels Sprouts to the side and make them part of your main dish! This chicken skillet is the epitome of comfort food, with crispy chicken and butternut squash rounding out the meal. Add to the fact that you just need 1 pan to make it all, and it’s a dream come true for busy moms. It’s healthy and filling, and what mom can ask for more?

RealSimpleGood.com has this recipe and directions on making your own homemade rub too.


Source: KidsInTheSink.wordpress.com

6. Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese

You had me at grilled cheese. If you didn’t know, you can chop or shred brussels sprouts too- you don’t have to just cut in half and take big, meaty bites. Using smaller pieces will help them cook faster and make it easier to sneak into meals. This grilled cheese is just one example and a way to put a twist on a traditional favorite.

If this looks delicious to you, then visit KidsInTheSink.wordpress.com for the full recipe!

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