5 Clever Hot Glue Gun Hacks

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I love finding new hacks that I can use around the house. They can make life so much easier, especially for us busy moms. I have recently found that you can achieve some of the best hacks with a hot glue gun of all things! As it turns out, that little tool can be very handy around the house. Now you can use it for more than just crafting. Check out these 5 awesome hot glue gun hacks that will forever change your life.


Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

1. Non-Slip Hangers

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to my closet is going through my clothes only to have a few of them fall off the hangers. Those hangers are so annoying! They cause you to constantly rehang your clothes over and over again, and who has time for that? Instead of dealing with this, create your own non-slip hangers with just your glue gun. On either side of the hanger where the clothes hang, place some hot glue in a zig zag pattern or a few dots. Once it’s dry, slip the clothes on and you can now enjoy your closet full of non-slip hangers.

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Source: prettyprudent.com

2. Slipper Grips

As great as slippers are at keeping your feet warm and comfy, they can be a little dangerous if they have no grips on the bottom, especially for kids. If they don’t have any grips on the bottom of their slippers they’ll be slipping and sliding all over your slick floors. Just add some grips on the bottom of those slippers and you won’t have anymore problems with that. You can get creative and write your child’s name, or simply just make some lines on the bottom. Either way it will still work the same.

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Source: domesticdivadomain.blogspot.com

3. Non-Slip Rug

Ever buy a rug, then bring it home and put it on the floor only to have it slide all over the place? I bet you didn’t realize it didn’t have very great grips, or any at all, on the bottom. If you still love the rug, just break out your hot glue gun and put some glue on the bottom. The glue will act as the grips as it rubs against the floor and will prevent it from moving around.

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Source: pureandnoble.blogspot.ca

4. Jar Labels

A fun little craft you can make using a hot glue gun is to write some cute words or fun designs on glass vases with the hot glue. Once it’s dry, simply paint over the jars so you can easily see the cute design. You can do this on decorative vases, or on vases that you can use for practical things like sugar and flour in the kitchen.

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Source: welovebeingmoms.blogspot.ca

5. Plug Up Bath Toys

Have you ever noticed how unsanitary those children’s bath toys are? There’s always those little holes in them to make them squeak, but what about all the water that gets inside and never gets out? It probably just sits in there and gets moldy over time. For a safer bath time, plug up those holes with some hot glue. It’ll keep the water out and your baby’s bath nice and clean.

There are lots of other great ideas for kids and parents over at We Love Being Moms!

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