6 Fabulous Fabric Scrap Projects

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If you do a lot of sewing or crafting, there’s a good chance you’ve got a collection of fabric scraps left over from your many projects. You might have some great ideas for what to do with that extra fabric, but if you don’t, there’s no reason to toss it. Fabric can be used in many different ways and even small scraps have a purpose in the craft world. Whether you are looking for something to make for yourself, your kids, or your home, take a look at these 6 things you can make using fabric scraps.

source: Do Small Things With Love

1. Coasters

When you have kids, you can never be too careful about protecting your furniture against rips, tears, and spills. Coasters are a great way to help prevent damage to your coffee table. But coasters don’t come cheap. So instead of spending money on a set that might get lost or broken within a week, try these fabric ones! They are funky and fun, and you won’t have to worry about your kids damaging them.

Get the full tutorial for making these at Do Small Things With Love.

source: Andrea’s Notebook

 2. Magnets

Those small fabric scraps that you think are useless? Turn them into magnets! These are adorable, and will definitely add an element of chic to your kitchen. Or your home office. Or anywhere you use magnets in your home. If you have fabric in children’s prints, these would be something your kids would enjoy playing with. You can use this as an opportunity to review colors, shapes and other educational material.

Check out the instructions for making these at Andrea’s Notebook.

source: Polka Dot Chair

3. Skirt

Ok, this skirt is really, really adorable! I seriously want to make one for myself. But it would also be really cute for girls. You could make it using holiday or seasonal print fabrics, or go totally crazy and mix a bunch of random ones. Either way, this is a project that will result in a totally fun new skirt.

Head over to Polka Dot Chair, where you’ll find the “how-to” for making this.

source: Stitched by Crystal

4. Hair Bows

My daughter’s hair is always in her eyes, so I recently bought a bunch of hair ties and hair bows. Almost every day, I pull her hair up into a cute ponytail or pigtails. But since I don’t want to spend a ton of money to have a different bow for each outfit, I have to either skip putting one in her hair some days or use one that doesn’t match. Making your own hair bows is actually quite simple and is much more affordable! This craft will allow you to have a large collection for your little fashionista, so she’ll have a rockin’ hairdo every day!

Visit Stitched by Crystal to learn how to make these.

source: Flamingo Toes

5. Key Chain Coin Purses

You might not think a miniature coin purse is useful, but your kids will! I think this would be a fun way to carry around coins for your children, so when you’re out and about and they want to buy something, you can practice counting. It might not hold more than a few coins, but that’s all they need anyway. Plus, this is super cute and would make your keychain much more fashionable.

Head over to Flamingo Toes for the tutorial.

source: A Spoonful of Sugar

6. Business Card Wallet

Calling all mompreneurs! Need a cute holder for your business cards? Don’t get some stiff, unoriginal one. Make one using that leftover fabric you’ve got! You can easily carry this in your purse or diaper bag, and it’s just darling. Credit cards would also probably fit, so it could be used as a wallet too.

Learn how to make this over on A Spoonful of Sugar.



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6 Fabulous Fabric Scrap Projects

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