6 Real Leaf Crafts That Will Make You Crave Fall

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One of the best parts about fall is being able to feel and hear the crunch of colorful leaves beneath your feet at any given moment.  Having to rake them up may not always be very enjoyable but watching your kids dive into a giant pile of foliage, full of glee, is probably one of the most adorable things in the world.

Along with the endlessly falling leaves, the generally chilly weather of the season makes fall the perfect time to try out a few new crafting projects. Especially when those projects heavily feature real leaves! Looking at these great DIY’s is going to make you crave your favorite fluffy sweaters, warm mugs of tea, and the presence of those ever popular fall leaves.


Source: simpleasthatblog.com

1. Fall Leaf Book Page Banner

This banner doesn’t have to be saved for any sort of special gathering or party, you can showcase your bookworm tendency and your love of fall whenever you want. An old book, some colorful leaves, and a bit of twine are all you need to create this cool, creative project.

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Source: kidscraftroom.com

2. DIY Leaf Luminaries

These luminaries are not only super cool, but also very easy to create and completely safe to leave around little ones as well. Made using old milk jugs, real leaves, and no flame tea lights, this project is perfect for creating when you have a little bit of spare time and even better for getting a little crafty bonding time with your kids.

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Source: pinkwhen.com

3. Watercolor Leaf Prints

A project as old as time, these watercolor leaf prints are about to transport you back to elementary school. Gather up a few of your favorite large fall leaves, some sturdy paper, and some of your favorite watercolor paints and go nuts!

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Source: allthingsgd.com

4. DIY Leaf Printed Napkins

Add a little bit of fall inspired elegance to your dinner table with these endlessly classy leaf printed napkins. The process is extremely simple and not at all time consuming. All you have to do is cover a few leaves in some darkly colored acrylic paint and press them against the napkin, using a kitchen rolling pin to make the imprint stick.

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Source: handmadecharlotte.com

5. DIY Fall Leaf Animals

These adorable little leaf animals make some pretty amazing decorations and playtime tools for the little ones. This DIY project offers options for you to press the leaves and use them to create some awesome embroidery or flex your artistic skills by drawing on them. Either way, they’re probably the most adorable things you will ever create.

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Source: lebutiksofie.blogspot.ca

6. DIY Fall Leaf Pillow Cases

Another simple clothing printing project, this DIY works much the same way as the napkin tutorial. A bit of acrylic paint and fabric of your choice and you’re good to go! Just don’t be afraid to play around with colors and patterns, you never know what you’re capable of creating.

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Real Leaf Crafts That Will Make You Crave Fall

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