6 Benefits Of Having Children Close In Age

My children are two years apart. I always knew I wanted to have my kids close together, but I didn’t realize just how glad I was to have it that way until I started to see the benefits. If you’re considering adding to your brood and you aren’t sure whether to start now or later, here are a few reasons why sometimes it’s nice not to wait to continue growing your family.


1. Strong Sibling Bond

My two kids get along most of the time. In fact, my daughter, who is 2, loves copying everything her 4 year-old brother does. Even though they bicker and fight and sometimes don’t get along (isn’t that the case with all siblings?), most of the time they are each other’s best friend. It’s so precious! Watching them hug each other and chase each other and play together melts my heart. I grew up with two siblings and we’re still close today. Having a strong sibling bond is definitely something that will benefit your children for their entire lives.


2. Money Matters

After having my first child, I learned what to expect in the way of finances. I could estimate how much our monthly expenses would be for all things child related. So by the time my second child came along, I was already prepared. I didn’t have to re-budget or figure out a new financial plan. Having children close in age allows you to continue down the same financial path because you don’t have to make any major changes.


3. Mama Routine

Since my daughter was born just two years after my son, I was still in my parenting “groove.” I had a bit of experience under my belt, even though I was still a new mom. I could learn as I went, but also apply what I had already learned to my second child. It’s like I didn’t have to slow down and re-learn everything because I had another child to practice on.


4. Double Duty

My kids take baths together, which is a real time saver. They also eat meals together and enjoy many of the same toys. Since they are close in age, I can double up on many things. Sure, my kids wear different size clothes and have their own interests and needs, but I can tackle lots of things easier because I can tackle them with both kids at the same time.


5. No Pressure For Weight Loss

I was very fortunate to have lost my pregnancy weight quickly after each child was born. But since I knew I wanted to have my second child relatively soon after the first one, there was no pressure to lose all the baby weight right away. What’s the point, if you’re just going to gain it back? When you have your children close in age, you can take your time getting your body back because it’s going to change again soon anyway.


6. No Starting Over

If I had waited longer to have my second child, it would have been like starting over in many ways. Getting used to the sleepless nights again, having to buy diapers all the time, rearranging finances, etc. But since my kids are close in age, I didn’t have to train myself with anything again. I didn’t have to adjust my life to having a new baby because it had been adjusted just a couple years before.

So what do you think? Did you have your children close in age? Tell us in the comments below!



Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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