6 Refreshing DIY Face Mask Recipes

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Some days, I look in the mirror and wonder what in the world I’m staring back at. It’s like a scene from The Walking Dead and it ain’t pretty, folks. Since becoming a mother, I’ve definitely let myself go in the beauty department. Most of the time I’m just too exhausted to care. But we moms need to care. We need to take care of ourselves. When we’re at our best, our families benefit. And even something small like a refreshing face mask can help us feel rejuvenated.

I know it’s hard to find time (and $$) to go to the spa and get a facial. But there are at-home alternatives that you can do yourself! These 6 face mask recipes can be done using ingredients you probably already have at home, and you can make them at your leisure. (Because “leisure” is part of the mom dictionary, right?) But seriously, I’m feeling refreshed already, just looking at these photos!

source: The Glowing Fridge

1. Turmeric & Lemon Face Mask

Made using honey, turmeric and lemon juice, this mask is great for fighting skin infections, cleaning pores and helping skin retain much needed moisture. I’d never even heard of turmeric until now, but it has some magical powers, like reducing redness, age spots and scarring. Add that to the Vitamin C loaded lemon juice, and your skin is on its way to a new and improved glow!

Check out the recipe for this face mask at The Glowing Fridge. If you’re big on plant based vegan living, you’ll love the healthy skin tips there!


source: Be.Daze.Live.

2. Coffee Mud Face Mask

If you’re a coffee drinking mama, set that mug down for a minute and listen. Those coffee grounds are good for more than just your daily boost of energy. They’re also great for reviving your skin (which is probably just as tired as you are!). Combined with apple cider vinegar and cosmetic grade clay, those coffee grounds create a mud mask that will clean and exfoliate your skin. In 20 minutes, your face can go from zzz to ZAM!

Head over to Be.Daze.Live. for the recipe, and check out the style and fitness sections while you’re there.

source: The Kitchen McCabe

3. Brightening & Tightening Mask

Pregnancy can do a number on your skin. I’ve always had acne prone skin, but I didn’t get that “pregnancy glow” that people speak of. Brighten and tighten your post-pregnancy skin with this mask, made from egg whites, honey and lemon juice.

You can find the recipe for this over at The Kitchen McCabe, which has lots of other great recipes worth checking out!

source: Adina Grigore via Byrdie

5. Oil-Balancing Mayo Mask

Who knew mayonnaise could be used to help balance oil production on your face? Apparently it can, when you mix it with orange juice and corn flour. These are the only three ingredients you need, and all you have to do is stir them together, apply to your face and rinse off.

Find more DIY face mask recipes by visiting Byrdie.

source: The Everygirl

5. Honey & Lemon Face Mask

Remove dead skin cells, clear up blackheads and even out discoloration in your skin with this honey and lemon face mask. You just need 1/2 of an organic lemon and 1 tablespoon of organic raw honey. I haven’t even used this face mask and I already feel more refreshed! Mix up a second batch and stir it into a cup of tea for some deliciousness!

The Everygirl has more info on this recipe, as well as tons of inspiration on travel, style and finances.

source: Crunchy Betty

6. Mocha-Frappuccino Face Mask

Just the name of this face mask sounds delicious, so I bet your skin will love it! You’ll need coffee grounds, cocoa powder, milk or yogurt and honey. Mmmmm. I usually wipe my children’s faces when they are covered in food, but in this case, I’d totally set a bad example. Food on the face has never been so appealing!

Get your coffee fix, and other recipes for homemade beauty at Crunchy Betty.


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