6 Tantalizing Turkey Meatball Recipes

turkey meatball

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Over the last few years, I’ve transitioned from beef to turkey meatballs since they are a bit healthier. Now that’s all I make. What’s great about meatballs is that you can eat them as an appetizer, an entreé or a side dish. This means there are tons of yummy recipes to try! I’ve rounded up some of the tastiest, easiest and healthiest ones to share. Make turkey meatballs for an upcoming summer barbecue using one of these tantalizing recipes.

turkey meatballsource: Perchance to Cook

1. Healthy Buffalo Turkey Meatballs

Like your meatballs with a kick? These are sure to give you one! Made with hot sauce and a pinch of chili powder, these spicy flavored meatballs are not for those with sensitive palates. These can be made in just 20 minutes, and work as a pre-dinner snack for dipping into the condiment of your choice. (I’m personally a ranch dressing girl.)

Head over to Perchance to Cook for the full recipe.

turkey meatballsource: Joyful Healthy Eats

2. Greek Turkey Meatball Gyros

Mmm…gyros are yummy! I’ve only had ones with traditional Greek ingredients, but I imagine that a turkey meatball gyro is just as delicious. These are made with garlic, spinach, and red onion. After making the meatballs, you top them with a Tzatziki sauce (made from Greek yogurt and cucumber) for added flavor.

Get the full recipe for the meatballs and the sauce at Joyful Healthy Eats.

turkey meatballsource: Wholesomelicious

3. Thai Coconut Curry Turkey Meatballs

With Asian-inspired flavor, these meatballs are made with ground turkey and turkey sausage. The gluten-free, paleo recipe also includes a red curry coconut sauce to cover the meatballs in. I would serve these over a plate of white rice, but I’m sure they are delicious no matter how you enjoy them!

Stop by Wholesomelicious to learn how to make these.

turkey meatballsource: Sweet As Honey

4. Turkey Spinach Meatballs

And now for a meatball recipe that the kids should eat, but probably won’t. Just mere mention of the word “spinach” has most kids running for the hills. But maybe the feta cheese sauce will be enough to entice them. If not, well, there are more of these for you to enjoy!

You’ll find the full recipe from Sweet As Honey.

turkey meatballsource: Jo Cooks

5. Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered I like sweet potatoes. And now, I try almost anything sweet potato flavored. Since these are made from sweet potatoes and turkey, wouldn’t they make the perfect appetizer for a Thanksgiving meal? I mean, seriously! Made with maple syrup and hot sauce, this recipe will add a punch of flavor to your table.

Jo Cooks has the recipe for these.

turkey meatballsource: Kevin Cooks

6. Cranberry Turkey Meatballs

For a sweet flavored dish that is also healthy, these cranberry meatballs are great! You get the fruity taste of cranberries, as well as apple, and there is also a bit of white wine used. In fact, these would probably taste really good with a full glass of white wine. (Then again, everything goes well with wine when you’re a mom!)

Check out the recipe for these at Kevin Cooks.


turkey meatball

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