7 Awesome Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

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When you have kids, sickness finds its way into your life more often than you’d like. Many moms catch colds and other ailments from their sick children, leading to visits to the doctor’s office or pharmacy. And once you’re done taking your crazy pills medicine, you’ve got empty pill bottles lying around. I don’t throw mine away because I hate the idea of being wasteful. Sometimes I’ll recycle the bottles, but other times, I’ll pass them along to my husband, who uses them for various purposes.

If you want to be more resourceful with your pill bottles, try reusing them for something else. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of ways to put those empty pill bottles to good use.

source: Laura Thoughts

1. Makeup Brush Holder

With a little bit of spray paint, your pill bottles can go from boring orange to classy black, creating a lovely container to hold your makeup brushes in. You can also store other makeup products like mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

Take a look at Laura Thoughts, where you can learn how to make a magnetic makeup board for holding all of your makeup!

source: The Beauty Blog

2. Travel Hair Products Container

If you’re traveling and don’t have empty travel bottles around, use those empty pill bottles to take along your shampoo and conditioner. A pill bottle is the perfect size for traveling, and you won’t have to make a trip to the store. Just be sure to label each bottle, so you don’t use the wrong product!

Head over to The Beauty Blog, where you’ll find more ways to use empty pill bottles while traveling.

source: In My Own Style

3. Mini Gift Boxes

If you like to give holiday gifts to teachers, co-workers or neighbors, empty pill bottles are great for holding miniature-sized gifts. Decorate the bottles with pretty craft paper, buttons and other embellishments to make them look nice. Then stuff with things like money, jewelry, candy or other little trinkets.

Check out In My Own Style, where you can see how old film canisters similar in size to pill bottles were converted to mini gift boxes.

source: One Good Thing by Jillee

4. Mini First Aid Kit

As moms, we keep a lot of stuff in our car that makes our lives easier. And since kids are constantly getting sick or injured, having a first aid kit in your car is a great idea. You can turn an empty pill bottle into a mini first aid kid by stashing it with items like band-aids, q-tips, alcohol swabs, etc. Next time junior scrapes his knee at the park, you don’t have to walk any further than the parking lot to heal his boo-boo.

If you visit One Good Thing by Jillee, you can find more ways to reuse an empty pill bottle.

source: Inspiration & Realisation

5. Cash Stash Holder

One thing that always drives me crazy about trips to the water park, beach or swimming pool is finding a place to keep my things where they’ll stay dry. Not to mention, I hate having to lug around a giant bag full of stuff. But there’s a solution! An empty pill bottle will keep your cash, keys and chap stick dry, and you can easily hook the bottle to a string for transporting around.

Learn how to add a string to your money holder over at Inspiration & Realisation.

source: DIY Inspired

6. Bobby Pin Storage

Ugh, bobby pins. And barrettes. And hair ties. I’m always losing them! My little ones love going into my hair accessories drawer and pulling them all out. I should really get more organized. And now I have no excuse, because I’ve found a way to keep my children’s little paws off my hair products. Use an empty pill bottle that they can’t open! No more worrying about them playing in the drawer, because the only thing they’ll pull out is a fastened bottle that they’ll quickly lose interest in.

You’ll find more great ideas for using pill bottles over at DIY Inspired.

source: Mich L. In L.A.

7. Bottle Cap Necklace

Not only can you make use of empty pill bottles, you can also recycle the bottle caps into cool craft projects! With a sharpie and some pretty ribbon, you can make a bottle cap necklace from those pill bottle caps. Your tween would love this project! You can make necklaces, bracelets, belts, whatever your creative little mind comes up with!

Take a look at Mich L. In L.A. for steps on making a bottle cap necklace in a few different styles.\

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