7 Dessert Hand Pies That Are So Cute, You Won’t Feel Like Sharing

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love dessert! I wouldn’t consider myself an emotional eater but will admit that I almost always feel comforted when I’m digging into a delicious dessert. Even better? When I can hold said dessert in my little hand and don’t need a fork or plate to enjoy. That’s why I love hand pies! They are handheld desserts that are great for parties, eating on the go, or when you really don’t feel like sharing that piece of pie.

hand pies

Source: SallysBakingAddiction.com

1. Chocolate Hand Pies

You had me at CHOCOLATE. Chocolate, all butter pie crust is filled with peanut butter chocolate ganache (be STILL my heart!) and then topped with course sugar and more chocolate after baking. These are made into a heart shape which would be perfect for Valentine’s day! Or, use your own shaped cookie cutters and enjoy all year long.

I can’t stop looking at all the treats at SallysBakingAddiction.com! Head over to get this recipe and get baking.

hand pies

Source: InspiredByCharm.com

2. Strawberry Hand Pies

Hello summer hand pies! This strawberry hand pie recipe looks delicious and even something I could eat for breakfast. Hey, it has berries, so it’s healthy, right? Made with homemade dough, these sweet strawberry pies are all about the filling: just strawberries, a little cornstarch and some vanilla. Fold into dough, bake and enjoy with some vanilla ice cream?

Get this recipe and plenty more from InspiredByCharm.com, who has done an entire year of pie!

hand pies

Source: Pillsbury.com

3. S’mores Hand Pies

Who cares if summer is over? You can enjoy the taste of S’mores all year long with this hand pie recipe. Store-bought refrigerated pie crusts make this recipe a snap, and easy to pack with your favorite filling that includes graham crackers, marshmallow creme and chocolate chips. Cheers to the taste of summer!

Find this recipe and more at Pillsbury.com.

hand pies

Source: SavingDessert.com

4. Peach Hand Pies

While not one of the easiest recipes for hand pies that we’ve seen so far, they are decidedly one of the most delicious. Homemade pie crust, sweet peaches and syrup made from brown sugar and almond extract and your own icing round out these pan-less pies.

You’ll definitely want to follow the instructions when attempting this recipe, so be sure to visit SavingDessert.com.

hand pies

Source: BakerByNature.com

5. Cherry Hand Pies

Ummm, these look like adult pop tarts and I’m not sad about that at all! Fresh or frozen cherries are cooked with sugar and lime juice to make the juicy filling. Flaky and homemade crust really take these hand pies to the next level. Wouldn’t these be amazing with some vanilla ice cream? Who wants to make some for me!?

Check out BakerByNature.com‘s beautiful recipe!

hand pies

Source: JustATaste.com

6. Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

For the salty and sweet folks, you’ll find no fault with these salted caramel apple hand pies. Gooey caramel, crisp apples and flaky crusts are enough to satisfy whatever craving you’re having in the moment. Oh, and aren’t these perfect for Fall weather? Sign me up!

Check out JustATaste.com and the new Just A Taste Parents site for more family friendly recipes.

hand pies

Source: VanillaAndBean.com

7. Blueberry Lemon Curd Hand Pies

Easy, homemade lemon curd, vibrant warm blueberries and crispy pie crust- these are the makings of these seriously gorgeous blueberry lemon curd hand pies! You’ll get equal parts tart and sweet, and some buttery and flaky crust too. These are perfect for a brunch or late night dessert.

Get more beautiful and delicious dessert ideas from VanillaAndBean.com.


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hand pies

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