7 Exercises For A Better Butt

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My entire life, I’ve always had a white girl booty. Despite the recent trends of the big booty workouts, there is no way my butt will ever look even remotely close to big or plump. (But to be honest, I don’t really want it to, I just want it to look good in my jeans!)

But I will say, with the right exercises on a routine basis (consistency is key to any progress, especially when it comes to fitness!) you can get a tight, firm butt that looks good in jeans and turns your partner’s head. Because, honestly, I’m not trying to impress anyone but my man and myself.

Here are 7 exercises for a better butt that we’ve put together for you. (And the best part, you can do these while you catch up on those DVR shows you’ve got recorded, two birds, one stone, baby!) I love these butt exercises because they work to perk your tush, and they’re simple yet highly effective. No gym required, ladies! You know what that means? No excuses!

Plié Squats

Plié (pronounced plee-AY), is a ballet term and means ‘to bend’. So for this twist on your traditional squat which pretty much everyone knows, all you have to do is pretend you’re a Prima Ballerina as you work that tush into shape. You’ll need to execute these with proper form, and if you want to really feel that booty burnin’, lift your heels off the ground for the last few. If you want a more detailed overview on how to execute this exercise, click here. 

And if you’re looking to take it to the next level, hold some weights! A kettlebell is my personal favorite for this one.

Curtsy Lunges

This spin on the traditional lunge will channel your inner debutante while working your gluteus maximus! To get the most out of this exercise, pay attention to your form. This has been proven to get you a better booty, but you have to do it right.

Rather than stepping straight back while your front leg is firmly planted, you’ll be stepping back to the opposite side. It’s similar to a traditional curtsy, hence the name! When I first tried these, they seemed a little intimidating and confusing. But once you grasp the move, you’ll see and feel the difference over time. 

To increase intensity, hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand while you do them. If you’re still unsure how to do them correctly, click here.

Donkey Kick

So, for this one, think of it just as you would a donkey kicking something up and back. This will work to isolate your glute muscles, and it’s a great butt exercise to firm that tush. 

Glute Bridges

This is another exercise where you’ll want to make sure your form is correct. If it’s not, you’ll really feel it in your back the next day and not in a good way. Want to step it up a notch and really feel the burn?

An example of what a single leg glute bridge would look like when properly executed.

Once you’ve mastered the move, try lifting one of your legs off the floor and doing single leg glute bridges. These are great for perking your booty and working those hamstrings in the process.


Straight Leg Deadlifts

You’ll need weights for this one, and as you get used to them, you’ll want to gradually increase in weight over time. For myself, I use a pair of 15 lb dumbbells. I’ve also found it’s best to exhale on the way up. Once you get the hang of these, I promise you’ll love them. They really work, and you’ll definitely feel the burn the next day when you step out of bed.

Fire Hydrant

Imagine for a second that you’re a dog about to mark your territory on a fire hydrant. This is definitely where this one got its name from, appropriately called the “fire hydrant” in the fitness world. It’s great for working your hip abductors as well!

Clam (AKA Clamshell)

This move is common practice in Pilates, and it’s a great way to channel your inner mollusk. I’ve included a little how-to should you need it! This butt exercise is terrific for working your abductors, and although it sounds simple, I assure you that you’ll feel the burn after 30 seconds of putting in work.

And the closed leg variation of the clamshell:

See, I am not a twig; I’ve got meat on my bones. But even after three kids doing exercises like these help to keep my butt up and not down to the floor.

Of course we all know the basic exercises for your butt like squats and traditional lunges, but these butt moves are great for shaking things up and helping you get that tight butt you’ve always wanted. Another trick I like to add to my regimen is exercise bands! Try slipping one on when you’re doing butt work (like the donkey kick, fire hydrants and clams) and you’ll work to slim your thighs as well. (My thighs need all the slimming they can get, anyone with me?)

I like this group of different strength resistance bands, and also this thicker one–both available for a reasonably low price on Amazon.

Got any more special moves to share with us that have done wonders for you? Leave us a comment and share it!

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