8 Healthy Keto Snack Ideas

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Most of our favorite snacks are, unfortunately, not really keto-friendly. Think cheese crackers, energy bars, or mini pretzels. So, when hunger strikes in-between keto meals, you’ll need to think outside the snacking box. Lucky for you, the number of noshes you can enjoy on this low-carb lifestyle isn’t all too bad. These keto snacks are easy, grab-and-go options that are also surprisingly good for you.

1. String Cheese

On keto, it’s a good idea to have a package of string cheese available at all times. A mozzarella cousin, string cheese is perfect if you’re aiming to reduce additives in your diet because it contains only milk, milk cultures, and natural enzymes. This addictive snack is super satisfying, versatile, and will curb the worst of cravings. And nutritionally speaking, it has the same amount of protein and fat and very little carbs – exactly what you need on a keto diet. Like most dairy products, it’s also a good source of calcium and vitamin D (if fortified).

Nutrition (one piece – 28g) – Frigo Cheese Heads

Calories 80, Fat 6g, Protein 6g, Net carbs 1g

2. Pork Rinds

Your whole life, you’ve been taught to believe that pork rinds are an unhealthy junk food. Well, it’s time you start looking at pork rinds in a completely new light and also start adding them to your keto meal plan. These scrumptious snacks have 9g of fat in a 1 oz serving, 43% of which is monounsaturated – the kind that experts recommend for heart health. But what’s most important, pork rinds are completely carb-free, so feel free to indulge on these low-carb potato chips substitutes.

Nutrition (one serving – 28g) – Brim’s Original

Calories 154, Fat 9g, Protein 17g, Net carbs 0g

3. Olives

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, healthy snack, then why not consider olives? They contain mostly monounsaturated fats and are high in antioxidants, which may help prevent heart disease, allergies, and cancer. While they may not be as satiating as other keto-friendly snacks, they do pair well with foods like feta cheese if you want to add a bit of filling protein to your mid-day meals. When buying olives, go for olives packed in olive oil rather than brine to boost your fat intake.

Nutrition (green olives – 28g)

Calories 40, Fat 4.3g, Protein 0.3g, Net carbs 0.2g

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

For a lunchtime snack that you can make in a jiffy before work, go for hard-boiled eggs. Not only are they quick to make, but they also pack a generous protein punch at 6g in one large egg. Protein is the most filling of the three macros, and not to mention that it’s an essential nutrient. Besides protein, eggs are a valuable source of fat, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and selenium. If you find that plain hard-boiled eggs boring, then consider making deviled eggs or an egg salad if time permits it.  

Nutrition (one large – 50g)

Calories 77, Fat 5.3g, Protein 6.3g, Net carbs 0.6g

5. Celery and Nut Butter

This is one of those healthy snack classics that also works on a keto diet. It’ also simple to whip up any time of the day. Just cut one celery stalk into 3 to 4-inch pieces and spread your favorite nut butter on the indented part. Besides being low-carb and high-fat, this quick snack is rich in fiber – an overlooked nutrient that you absolutely need for digestive health and even immunity. While almond butter is probably the best choice on a keto diet, peanut butter is perfectly fine as well as long as you go for the sugar-free type.

Nutrition (1 stalk, 1 tbsp almond butter)

Calories 193, Fat 17g, Protein 5g, Net carbs 5g

6. Walnuts

Or go for other keto nuts of your own liking. However, it’s worth noting that walnuts are among the healthiest nuts out there, with studies showing they have the greatest antioxidant potential of all nuts. They’re also higher in fat than many other nuts at 65% total fat content. Most of this fat is polyunsaturated, with a relatively high omega-3 fatty acid content. Walnuts are also a good source of magnesium and other minerals. Enjoy walnuts as they are or mix them with other keto-friendly nuts.

Nutrition (one serving – 28g)

Calories 183, Fat 18.3g, Protein 4.3g, Net carbs 1.9g

7.  Avocados

Many people have bananas as a morning snack. But you’re on a keto diet so you’ll have to replace bananas with avocados. Sure, their taste is not even close to bananas, but avocados really do work as a keto-friendly bananas substitute texture-wise and in their satiating properties. You can cut half an avocado and sprinkle it with lemon juice to prevent it from oxidizing. Add olive oil, salt, pepper, or paprika as flavorings and you’re good to go. Optionally, make an avocado-based smoothie for a liquid, on-the-go snack.

Nutrition (One cup – 140g)

Calories 234, Fat 21.4g, Protein 2.9g, Net carbs 2.7g

8.  Cheese Puffs/Balls

Regular cheese puffs should be avoided on keto, but cheese puffs made from 100% cheese get a thumbs up. There are many brands selling puffed-up cheese balls. However, there are plenty of recipes online that can show you how to make your own cheese balls from scratch and at the fraction of the price of store-bought puffs. Since these contain only one ingredient – cheese – you can consider them a healthful snack on a keto diet that’s rich in calcium, protein, vitamin A, and more.

Nutrition (cheddar puffs – 12g) – Moon Cheese Cheddar

Calories 70, Fat 5g, Protein 5g, Net carbs 1g


The keto diet is known for its appetite-suppressing effect, but it isn’t perfect. Hunger can still be a problem in-between keto meals. While you can make a wide range of tasty snacks to curb those cravings, snacks that require little to no effort and are also healthy are always welcomed. The 8 simple snack options listed here are just some examples of foods you want to consider on your keto diet. Some of them are filling, others are low-calorie, and some are rich in beneficial nutrients. But what really matters is that you can enjoy them guilt-free on your keto diet without having to worry about carb intake.

Sofia Norton
Dietitian Expert, Kiss My Keto

Driven, dedicated and team-oriented professional with more than 6 years of experience providing wellness and nutritional support in various capacities. After Sofia learned about “food deserts” as a kid, she became determined to devote her life to like to making healthy foods accessible to everyone, regardless of income or location. Sofia has traveled around the world, teaching nutrition to communities in extreme poverty. In her spare time, Sofia loves long bike rides and exploring local farmer’s markets.

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