Good Green Cleaner Proves It’s Better Than The Other “Cleaners” Out There

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When life gets sticky, sweaty, and smelly, most of us reach for our preferred brand of conventional cleaner. These are the bottles we see stocked in every grocery store, and their commercials tell us every day how their formulas “kill germs” and “eliminate odors.” That’s all fine and dandy, but there’s something they’re not telling us.

Yes, a conventional cleaner will bring your kitchen back to normal after your pre-teen decides to “help out” by making dinner on her own, but at what cost?

Maureen Bergmann, president and founder of Good Green Cleaner, wanted to know what was actually in the conventional cleaning products she used in her home. What she found made her put down those bottles for good. She decided her family and friends deserved better, so she did something about it. She came up with a bio-based cleaning product that is more effective than those conventional cleaners, plus it’s 100% safe, recyclable, and better for the environment.

Good Green Cleaner has taken off in popularity since it was first introduced to the retail world in 2016. Here’s why.

Toxicity of Conventional Cleaners

When you’re scrubbing the scum out of your tub or mopping up muddy paw prints in the kitchen, you expect your cleaner to do one thing: clean! You’ll probably get your wish (it might take some elbow grease), but conventional cleaners often do a lot more than clean. Research shows many of the ingredients in commercial cleaning products do things like contribute to indoor air pollution, cause skin and eye irritations, make allergies worse, and cause respiratory irritation.

Take a look at the bottles of cleaners you use in your kitchen, bathrooms, and for your carpet. On the back, you’ll probably see warnings like, “keep out of reach of children” or “avoid contact with eyes and skin.” There might even be a list of potential health hazards. All of that is in addition to the harmful environmental impacts of certain cleaning chemicals.

So while your counters are gleaming, there’s no knowing what kind of harmful side effects your family might experience. That’s why Maureen started learning about bio-based cleaners.

What is a Bio-Based Cleaner?

Instead of chemicals and fossil-based ingredients like the ones used in conventional store-bought cleaners, bio-based cleaners have ingredients including plant oils and enzymes. When these ingredients touch your skin, you don’t need to worry about rushing to the sink to wash it off. If your toddler gets a hold of it, there’s no need to panic.

Good Green Cleaner products have the safest available Global Standard toxicology rating, meaning their bio-based ingredients are completely safe for everyone in the family—even babies and pets.

Here’s how their bio-based cleaner works.

  1. Water activates a type of good bacteria that in turn produces enzymes.
  2. Those enzymes break up dirt and germs.
  3. The good bacteria eats and digests the dirt.
  4. Good bacteria continues to multiply and produce enzymes until there is nothing left to digest.

It’s Better Than Vinegar

If the toxicity of conventional cleaners is old news for you, you’re probably aware of the laundry list of natural cleaners you can find right in your kitchen. Your mama’s favorite, vinegar, is at the top of that list. Everyone loves cleaning with vinegar because it degreases kitchen surfaces and does a decent job at getting rid of the mold in the bathroom. It’s been lauded on nearly every natural cleaning blog there is, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find vinegar isn’t as miraculous as you thought. 

According to research, the acidic nature of vinegar makes it great for cutting through dirt, but it’s only effective as a disinfectant if it’s used at full strength. That means instead of diluting your vinegar with water like what most people do, you’d have to spray a decent amount of the potent stuff all over the surface you want to clean. That would be fine, but only if you can handle the smell and you didn’t need to clean marble, granite, terrazzo, fabrics, carpets, or chrome. The acidic nature of vinegar can damage those surfaces beyond repair. 

Vinegar is still an affordable and natural option for cleaning your home, but it has its limitations. That’s why Good Green Cleaner is preferred by so many households. It has the same germ-killing properties as full-strength vinegar, but it’s safe to use on all surfaces, and you won’t feel nauseous breathing in the smell.

It’s Even Better Than Hydrogen Peroxide

Another popular home cleaner is hydrogen peroxide. It’s cheap, kills germs, and with a little elbow grease, you can use it almost anywhere. Plenty of people swear by their homemade hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaners, and they’re not wrong. It can be great, but again, it’s not the best.

The biggest issue with hydrogen peroxide is the wait time. I’m not a patient person, and when I’m cleaning, I want to be done as soon as possible. I want to wipe down the counters in a few seconds and be on my way. But with hydrogen peroxide, that method of cleaning is a waste of time. 

It takes a minimum of 10 minutes for hydrogen peroxide to start killing bacteria. That means you have to spray it on your counter, wait ten minutes, and then go back and scrub. Who has time for that? Not us. While you’re waiting, think about how hydrogen peroxide has a shelf life. You can go ahead and buy the big cheap jug to save money, but know that 45 days later, it’ll lose its potency.

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With Good Green Cleaners, there’s no waiting. The good bacteria and enzymes start destroying dirt and germs as soon as they make contact. Even better, the cleaner keeps working for up to 21 days or until the surface is completely clean with no more bad bacteria for the good bacteria to eat. It cleans the surface, eliminates odors, and it occupies the space to stop bad bacteria from growing. You can’t see it happening, but Good Green Cleaner basically wages war in your home. And it’s guaranteed to win with little effort on your part.

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A Greener, Cleaner World

The non-toxic cleaning power is what makes Good Green Cleaner an above-average cleaner, but Maureen and her team didn’t stop there. She didn’t only want a cleaner that was safe for her family, she also wanted her cleaner to be safe for the environment. That’s why Good Green Cleaner comes in a reusable (and recyclable) bottle that lasts up to a year with regular use. All you do is fill it up with water and attach the concentrate cap (also recyclable). When you run out, you use the same bottle and a new cap. This method minimizes waste, reduces the company’s carbon footprint, and helps make the world a greener, cleaner place.

Good Green Cleaner is a women-owned company ready to change the world. They want to spread the word about the dangers of conventional cleaners and help keep families safe. Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of bio-based cleaners and try out their products.

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