12 Clever Cleaning Hacks You Can Do With Stuff You Already Have

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A good, deep cleaning of your house doesn’t require breaking the bank or your back. Fancy, one-use tools and expensive cleaners are all well and good, but chances are you already have the tools and cleaners you need to get the job done. For the following twelve cleaning hacks, you’ll find all you need in the simplest of places — like your pantry or even the trash!


Source: ALifeReal-Housewife.com

1. Easy-Clean Shower Heads

For this you only need three things:

  • A plastic baggie
  • Vinegar
  • Tape (painter’s, duct, freezer, masking, packing, etc.)

The bag will need to be big enough to fit over your shower head. Fill the bag with enough vinegar so when the bag is placed over the shower head, the shower head will be immersed in the vinegar. Then, use your tape of choice to secure the bag onto the neck of the shower head — tape so the bag is tight around the neck and can’t slip down over the shower head.

Leave the bag for an hour and remove. Then, let the shower run for a minute or two. Do a quick wipe with a cloth or sponge, if needed.

Head over to ALifeReal-Housewife.com to see the amazing before and after photos!


2. Safely Bleach Stains

Whites not so white? Plastic food containers looking a little worse for wear? Forget struggling with bleach. Put items in the sun instead.

Sunshine works as a natural, gentler bleach. You’ll still need to wash the items in question, but try line drying your white sheets and towels or placing plastic containers out in the sun for a spell. The results speak for themselves.

Just remember that heat sets stains, so be careful to use cold water for fabrics and avoid putting stained items in the dryer. The dryer heat will set the stain, making it terribly difficult to get out.


3. Clean Your Microwave Without Hand Cramps

Cleaning a crusty, neglected microwave could be counted as a new form of torture. So much elbow grease is needed to remove baked on food chunks with just a soapy sponge.

Clean smarter, not harder. Put a microwave safe bowl of water or a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar in your microwave. Microwave on high for three to five minutes. Food and dirt should wipe off easily with a clean rag.

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